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I recently gave a talk at Schumacher College, as part of my Certificate in Education course there, on free and open source software, the Creative Commons, wikis and ending up with Wikipedia. Copyleft licenses like the GPL and Creative Commons share-alike encourage creative people to share their work for use and expansion by others, and the results are sometimes breathtaking (think of the GNU/Linux operating system, for example).

I give all my photos on a Creative Commons license that enables people to use them as long as they cite me as the original photographer. Recently I got a surprise email from another flickr user saying he had chosen to use one of my photos in a book he has created. Continue reading

Danse des voleurs

I’ve been writing a load of stuff about serious issues here lately; it’s time for a bit of fun. Since I have a YooChube account now (since the garden video) I am able to upload odd bits of video I might find on my hard disk. Here, thanks to Jerome for taking it, is a movie of Nicolas, Mathilde and me doing an unrehearsed stealing jam in a big mall in Rennes.