Taking action

Despite my recent challenge to self to do something about the state of the planet, I neither wrote here what it was that I wanted to do; and neither, in fact, have I done it. What’s that all about?

I think it’s about not really wanting to. That’s not to say I didn’t want to do something, but that the thing I had in mind didn’t sit well with me. What I want to do, in fact, is to work as an educator to help raise awareness of the issues and to help people deal with them and the fear and panic that often rise up when allowing the truth about the terrifying state we have gotten our planet into to percolate into our consciousness. What I had in mind was cold calling companies, clubs and societies in Cambridgeshire to try and get a lead in to such work. Somehow this didn’t feel right and I am sure that was behind my subconscious self-editing and blog-editing and not doing stuff.

The intention remains, however and there is very little as powerful as intention. Since I have been carrying the intention to find a way to put my skills and energy to work in the way I described above, I have:

The education group are due to meet at our home on Thursday and the bike ride to Kingsnorth departs Cambridge on Friday lunch-time. Around this I’m writing essays for my Certificate in Education for Sustainability course and tending the garden. It’s a busy summer considering I ain’t done nuffink yet.

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