You might be a skeptic

Recently #youmightbeanatheist stirred up a trend on Twitter:

#youmightbeanatheist if you prefer to be informed rather
than have blind faith in something (DylanBrent) etc.

path50675Meanwhile, despite TV ads from DECC‘s Act on CO2, we still don’t  believe in climate change and we’re still not treating climate change as the emergency it is.

You might be an climate skeptic if:

  • You’re waiting to see if the government ban domestic / long-haul flights rather than choosing to fly less
  • You think driving over the speed limit increases your personal safety risk, but not global climate chaos
  • “Clean coal” doesn’t strike you as odd
  • You still haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth
  • You think DECC is a computer manufacturer
  • You recycle but don’t compost
  • You fly for pleasure


Colleagues in the office were just talking about mobile phone contracts.
“I have seen one for £27 per month that looked reasonable”
That’s three hundred and twenty four pounds per year.

Earlier this month I downloaded my bank transactions and put them into Gnucash. It was easy to calculate how much I spent on my pay-as you go phone last year:


That’s four pounds and sixteen pence per month. Continue reading


Guardian Juxtaposition
Guardian Juxtaposition

A luxury kitchen advert opposite hundreds of Filipinos forced from their homes by typhoons. I wonder if the Guardian Weekend editors do this deliberately? The article about  climate-conference negotiator Bernarditas de Castro Muller gives a great inside view on the COP15 conference in Copenhangen in December.

Three things we can do together to help:

Sign the petition: Friends of the Earth petition to world leaders at COP15.

Join the WavePeaceful protest in London 5 December

Find out more: about COP15: Copenhagen Question Time in Cambridge 27 November.

Windows disowned

Windoze 7 Advert
Windoze 7 Advert on The Tube

In a surprising departure, these adverts for Windoze 7 do not contain the word “Microsoft”. The web address at the bottom is which redirects to Is this to disassociate the corporation from the mysterious “They” who “improved security” at the bidding whoever’s voice the advert is in — presumably the guy in the picture?