You might be a skeptic

Recently #youmightbeanatheist stirred up a trend on Twitter:

#youmightbeanatheist if you prefer to be informed rather
than have blind faith in something (DylanBrent) etc.

path50675Meanwhile, despite TV ads from DECC‘s Act on CO2, we still don’t  believe in climate change and we’re still not treating climate change as the emergency it is.

You might be an climate skeptic if:

  • You’re waiting to see if the government ban domestic / long-haul flights rather than choosing to fly less
  • You think driving over the speed limit increases your personal safety risk, but not global climate chaos
  • “Clean coal” doesn’t strike you as odd
  • You still haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth
  • You think DECC is a computer manufacturer
  • You recycle but don’t compost
  • You fly for pleasure