Ning let’s us down, shall I count the ways?

I help run Cambridge Climate Change Charter whose community website is hosted by Ning because, back when we set it up, that was a way to host free community sites. As you all know, Ning recently revealed their money-grabbing true nature by stopping free sites. The Charter team have been making choices about where to leave the community website when the project funding runs out.

Some of our team suspect Ningm might up the price again in the near future to increase their profits. So I contacted their sales department, via their ticketing system, and asked what price-assurance they could offer a community-based carbon reduction scheme. Ning ignored my ticket for two weeks and then send me this:

Hi there,

We are going to close this ticket as it has been a while since it was submitted. We’ve found that most people have been able to find the  answer they were looking for in our extensive Help Center  (, on the Ning Blog (, on the Plans Page ( or by exploring their Ning Network. We strive to answer each ticket we receive in a personal, timely manner, and closing this ticket will enable our team to respond effectively to all newly created tickets.

If you are a Network Creator or admin and still have a question for our team, head to the My Network/Manage page on your network, click the Support link  and submit a new ticket via Contact Support. Tickets submitted this way will provide us with a lot of useful information to help prioritize appropriately.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Ning Team

So that was:

  • We have ignored your ticket
  • As we have been ignoring your ticket for a while now, we’re going to close it
  • “We strive to answer tickets in a timely way” means we don’t give a damn about your question but we care about not having old tickets hanging around that make it look like we don’t get stuff sorted
  • If you haven’t got the hint yet, you can create another ticket for us to ignore

Thanks, Ning. Fuck you too.