Here’s the answer to a question I had last week but couldn’t find on the Internet.

We bought, second hand, a Graco Travel System for baby Grace. Its a monster of moulded plastic with an ingenious folding action and, importantly for me, very high handles. We call it Optimus Pram.

Graco Travel System

We don’t have a car and I sometimes use Streetcar when we need to drive; as we did last week when Grace had hear hearing screen.

Now, rather wonderfully the Graco comes with a car seat that clips into the push-chair base: perfect for getting to the nearest Streetcar, but the nearest car is a BMW Series 1 and the boot looks rather small. So the question was: would I be able to get Optimus in the boot of the BMW?

Here’s the answer:

The Graco Travel System *does* fit in the boot of a BMW Seies 1 coupe, as used by streetcar

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