Mail constallation

As earlier posts suggest, there have been no cartoons here for a while because such spare time as I can steal these days has been absorbed by the mail project. Thunderbird just can’t hack my work email any more. It’s search functionality is broken (why is there separate quick search and find in messages?) and the dark thunderclouds of compiz fall upon its face if I ask it to find some useful or important message.
Mutt Mindmap Switching to Mutt (actually Mutt-KZ — with built-in support for Notmuch) was more work than I expected. There isn’t just one program but a whole constellation. Most have their own configuration files; tweaking those is a lifetime’s work.
Today I compiled Notmuch 0.15.1 from source and then recompiled Mutt-kz to use the new version of libnotmuch. I don’t enjoy building source packages. Fortunately it’s easy (./configure; make; make install) and the results are rewarding.
Notmuch searches my mail very fast and with a convenient command-line interface. Mutt displays the results and lets me live in a world of vim-like key bindings and dark console colours. The new version of notmuch allows convenient date searches, e.g.: “date:last-week..”, and I’m starting to play with custom tags.
Mail is coming coming under control. What’s this button next to the keyboard? Oh, my laptop has a stylus…