The Dark Geek Rises

Screenshot from 2013-10-23 14:41:59

I recently switched to a dark desktop theme. I’ve wanted to for ages but most the themes I tried didn’t have nice round window borders and I felt sad. But having switched to Xmonad as window manager (which is another whole story), Ambience Dark just looks great. But the universe doesn’t want us to have dark desktop themes. The first obstacle was Firefox. Websites set the foreground colour for dialogue boxes to some dark colour, but not the background colour. Then those widgets inherit the dark background colour from Ambience Dark. Result: can’t see what I’m typing and can’t, for example, log in to the Ubuntu One music store. Solution is, apparently, to use the Stylish Firefox plugin, which lets you override website themes with your own. Here’s mine (thanks ideatrash for getting me started).

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document url-prefix(http), url-prefix(https), url-prefix(file) {

pre, select, input[type="text"], input[type="button"], input[type="submit"], input[type="search"],
input[type="email"], input[type="password"] {

color: white !important;
background-color: #4C4039 !important;
background-image: none !important;
border-left-color: gray !important;
border-right-color: gray !important;
border-top-color: gray !important;
border-bottom-color: gray !important;