Minimal elm program

This is not the shortest Elm hello world program. But it is about as short as I can make an Html.program. Having written it, and read it, it felt somehow profound. Like a haiku.

module Main exposing (..)

import Html exposing (..)

main =
        { init = () ! []
        , update = (\_ a -> a ! [])
        , view = (\_ -> h1 [] [ text "Hello World" ])
        , subscriptions = (\_ -> Sub.none)

Elm support compiled into Universal Ctags

I started this project to make vim-tagbar work with Elm. I use tagbar to get an overview of my source files (especially python); I like how it presents the scope of nested tags. I wanted that overview of my Elm modules too. ctags-elm got me started but exuberant ctags doesn’t let you define scoped tags in config files. Universal Ctags does. So now, after some discussion, the Ctags part of vim-tagbar-ctags-elm is a Universal Ctags optlib. Optlib lets you define a set of command line options in a file, and then generate c source from them so they ca be compiled into ctags executable.

This was always in the plan. Next tagbar itself, maybe?