30×30 Direct Watercolour 2022

June 2022 was #30x30DirectWatercolour2022. The sketchbook spreads appear in my June Sketchbook. As they were all painted on location and most have context pictures; this post is to celebrate those.

1. Holiday Home

2. Gate House

3. Woolaton Hall

4. Church Gate

5. House plants

6. Oxalis

7. Car

8. Cacti

9. Still life with wine

I should be so lucky.

10. Life drawing

11. Dunamis

This sculpture was just calling out to be he subject of my watercolour today.

12. Fruit and Veg

This was homework for Liz Steel’s watercolour course.

13. Science park

14. Wesley Methodist Church

15. The Bradfield Centre

16. Cambridge Steiner School

17. Back to Life Drawing

18. More homework for The Watercolour Course

These are two versions of a reference from Liz Steel’s Watercolour course. The first has a pre-wet sky, then dried fully before a second layer, the second was all in one water-fight.

19. Steam Traction Engine

20. Shoes

There’s a better one of these that I did after, but I didn’t take a context photo of that one. It’s in the sketchbook.

21. Arrival at camp

Arrived at half past seven, the light was fading, and I hurried to capture an image of the tents.

22. Field classroom

23. Photo reference

There were two of these. The first was a portrait that I’m not proud of. So I did this one from another photo from the Internet. I like this one more.

24. More life drawing

25. Pansies

26. Dragonfest

Dragonfest at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.

27. Snapdragons

28. Lily

29. View from the Trinity Centre

30. Sri Lankan Street Food