Working (from home) #uskathome Day Two

This direct watercolour sketch of my home desk taught me I don’t yet have full control of the value (darkness) of these watercolours. It also turns out that my Seawhite sketchbook (which claims to be made from recycled coffe cups) has two different sides. The real give-away was how my fountain pen worked on both of them. But it turns out I can throw water at it and it only wrinkles a little so I will stick with it.

More frequent updates?

Given that today is the beginning of a period of more extreme response to the covid-19 virus, I’m thinking that:

  • my sketching practice is more important for me, and my mental health, than ever
  • it might be good to update this site more frequently so I can share this stuff quicker

With that in mind I am posting this spread from the last couple days. The top one was a reaction to drawing lots of people lately: a single line that encompasses a bunch of people making up a single object of interesting shape. The bottom one is our garden.

One Week 100 People 2020 Day Five

Done! This morning I put cake in the kitchen at work; announced it on slack and sat back with a cup of tea to draw people coming in to make their coffee and take the bait. That got me as far as 93. The last 7 were in a cafe with my daughter after a doctor’s appointment. So I stopped at 100 in order to be present with her.

Some of these now almost look like their subjects. I’m now aware that I find mouths hard. Faster drying paper would probably be better for this combination of black ink and grey brush-pen.

One Week 100 People 2020 Day Four

Yesterday ended on 60 so I had 20 to do today to keep on track. Switched back to familiar black Fude nibbed fountain pen, and grey brush pen. This is not the best paper for those pens as the ink stays wet and the black runs into the grey. (It is great for watercolour, though). 69-71 are from above in the a shopping mall. The foreshortening was an interesting challenge.