One Week 100 People 2020 Day Five

Done! This morning I put cake in the kitchen at work; announced it on slack and sat back with a cup of tea to draw people coming in to make their coffee and take the bait. That got me as far as 93. The last 7 were in a cafe with my daughter after a doctor’s appointment. So I stopped at 100 in order to be present with her.

Some of these now almost look like their subjects. I’m now aware that I find mouths hard. Faster drying paper would probably be better for this combination of black ink and grey brush-pen.

One Week 100 People 2020 Day Four

Yesterday ended on 60 so I had 20 to do today to keep on track. Switched back to familiar black Fude nibbed fountain pen, and grey brush pen. This is not the best paper for those pens as the ink stays wet and the black runs into the grey. (It is great for watercolour, though). 69-71 are from above in the a shopping mall. The foreshortening was an interesting challenge.

One Week 100 People 2020 Day Three

Today started with some friends and strangers in the cafe in black and white. But my brush-pen was getting empty so at lunch time I switched to watercolour to sketch the queue for food at the food park. Paint being slower than my pens I did fewer and ended the day on par at 60 exactly.

One Week 100 People 2020 Day Two

Continuing from yesterday I started with some faces in the office and planned to draw at a cafe where I had a lunch appointment. But my friend and I sat outside alone to avoid the noise, so I had to make up numbers at Lindy Hop in the evening with the brush pen.