March 2021 #OneWeek100people

8-12 March was #OneWeek100People, an online sketching challenge by Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel. I was too busy to blog these as I went along. Somehow I ended up doing direct watercolour studies and they were taking several hours. I was working from photographs this year, and I wanted to do full bodies. As you see I started with brush pen but quickly switched to line. The line wasn’t making me happy. I wanted to do this challenge with a brush. So I switched back to watercolour and ended up doing these rather fussy colour studies. I tried to simplify and be more loose. The image I chose for the cover is a good example of that working well (See if you can find him in the sketchbook).

Working from photos is a bit strange. I wonder how much my ability to choose a pose influences what I produced in this challenge. Working directly in paint means thinking in shapes. So it was good practice and negative and positive painting, and leaving white space gaps (though there are plenty of unintended runs). I think that might be mainly what I learned this past week.