Mill Road September 2021

Here are the Mill Road (and Brookfields) sketchbooks. I finished the North Side earlier this month and I include the South side too.

Here are some statistics:

  • four months
  • 1.16 Miles
  • 84 sketches



Mill Road North Side July 2021

Here’s the work in progress on the North side of Mill Road, mainly from July.

Want to see the South side? It’s here.

Mill Road Brookfields to Parkside (South side)

This sketchbook goes all the way down one side of Mill Road and Brookfields.

Mill Road, June 2021

Another month took me further down Mill Road, over the bridge. I’ll put all these together into one book once I got to the end, but I need to re-photograph some of the May ones first.

Mill Road, May 2021

This month I bought a new, landscape sketchbook and started working my way down Mill Road, starting from the pub called The Brook, which is actually on Brookfields. Here are the first pages.