July 2022 Sketchbook

July started slowly after #30x30DirectWatercolour in June. Many of this month’s sketches are from life drawing or trying to learn portraits.

In particular there are lots of sketches of this wonderful collage from Pexels:

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June 2022 Sketchbook

June was the month of #30x30DirectWatercolour so this sketchbook contains all those, plus anything else I had time to do. There are three life-drawing sessions and a few ink sketches, a T-Rex that was on display at Woolaton Hall, and the Dunamis sculpture. And a few myseries that I won’t explain.

May 2022 Sketchbook

This month I got “back to life” at P.O.S.E.R.S. Its interesting to compare these life drawings with the pencil ones I did a few years back. Here I’m bringing my urban sketching to the life class: drawing with a Fude pen with more gesture and less measurement. Then I was trying to reproduce the process I had been taught at school.

There are fewer paintings and more ink drawings, though I did manage to do a portrait of Count Basie!

Climate Criminals

Extinction Rebellion Cambridge have a campaign to reveal the close ties between the University of Cambridge and Schlumberger oilfield services and, ultimately, to get the University to sever those ties as they agreed to divest of fossil fuel investments.

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We will not be silenced

Back in February 2022 the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill wasn’t yet a certainty. Extinction Rebellion organized a march in opposition to a law attempts to silence the voice of protesters by eroding the democratic right to protest.

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