Playing Games #uskathome Day Twenty Four

Before supper today my daughter was playing with these little animals, making a world for them from the place mats and other objects on the table. But we were hungry and late, and time was short. The sketch was poor so I decided to try out wet on wet colouring that I had read about on Marc Taro Holmes blog this morning.

What I learned was what I already suspected: that this paper is not good enough for watercolour techniques. Especially so because I was using the back of the previous day’s sketch and the paper already had wrinkles into which the water flowed, taking pigment with it to form bands and backruns.

Home-made paints

This week we made paint. We ground up some dried clay, some chalk, bits of broken red brick, a terracotta tile, and some charcoal. And mixed the with dilute PVA glue. The range of colours was amazing. For brushes we used twigs with the ends crushed to reveal the fibres.

Grinding up minerals with a brick and a stone
Surprisingly easy to use our home-made paints
The lumps give a really interesting texture to the paint